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The Trojan Icon

The Trojan Icon
An Ethan Gage Adventure

Ethan Gage is back in The Trojan Icon, the richest novel yet in the New York Times bestselling series of historical thrillers. Hurtling from the snowy palaces of Russia’s St. Petersburg to the shadowy harem of Constantinople in 1806, the novel’s characters conspire and compete for a Trojan relic that can give invincibility to empires.

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Napoleon's Rules

Napoleon’s Rules:
Life and Career Lessons from Bonaparte

“What a novel my life has been!” Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the greatest successes, and tragic failures, in history. Rising from obscurity to rule most of Europe, he was defeated at Waterloo at age 45 and confined to a lonely South Atlantic island. This book gleans from his voluminous maxims and comments on this parabolic arc to provide both an inspiring and cautionary tale. It provides life and career lessons for leaders, entrepreneurs, military officers, students, and anyone who is ambitious and wondering what to make of life. | Read more>

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Murder of Adam and Eve

The Murder of Adam and Eve

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A forbidden island. An abandoned fort. A deserted village. A living gargoyle. And a time wormhole that catapults teen Nick Brynner and his companion Eleanor Terrell to prehistoric Africa to pass judgment on mankind. | Read more>

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