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Murder of Adam and Eve

The Murder of Adam and Eve

In stores Fall, 2014

A forbidden island. An abandoned fort. A deserted village. A living gargoyle. And a time wormhole that catapults teen Nick Brynner and his companion Eleanor Terrell to prehistoric Africa to pass judgment on mankind.

They must find and protect – or condemn – our genetic forebears, a real-life “Adam” and “Eve” to either preserve or reset the future. Nick must choose between wilderness, civilization, love, and humanity.

The Murder of Adam and Eve is a survival thriller, a war story, a romance, and an environmental fable. | Read more>

The North CascadesThe North Cascades
Finding Beauty and Renewal in the Wild Nearby

In stores October 1, 2014

As an author, contributing to a gorgeous collaboration like The North Cascades: Finding Beauty and Renewal in the Wild Nearby, is a (sorry, I can’t resist) peak experience. When I got my hands on the final product, I was thrilled by the result. | Read more>


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