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Barbary Pirates

by admin on February 14, 2011

Barbary Pirates

Published March 30, 2010

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Ethan Gage is back in Paris, hoping to persuade Napoleon Bonaparte to sell the Louisiana Territory he explored in The Dakota Cipher to the United States. But when three famous scientists enlist Ethan to show them the bawdy wonders of the Palais Royale, he soon finds himself sucked into his most exciting, heart-wrenching, and funniest adventure yet.

Rumors of an ancient weapon on a volcanic Greek island pit Ethan and his scientist companions in a desperate race with the Barbary pirates – and with his Egyptian Rite nemesis Aurora Somerset – to rediscover and control the mirror of Archimedes, which legend says set Roman galleys afire in the Siege of Syracuse. In 1802, this death ray could tip the balance of power in the Mediterranean, and Ethan must stop the pirates from using it against the American, English and French fleets.

Ethan must not only thwart the pirates, he must also rescue his former lover Astiza and save the two-year-old son he didn’t know he had. His new family finds themselves in a fight to the death with Aurora, a pirate king, a wily captain, and Omar the Dungeon Master.

Delivering the fast-paced adventure and wit of the other William Dietrich books, The Barbary Pirates is Ethan Gage at his winningest, most hilarious, and most death-defying.


“Gage has many of the same moves as the late George MacDonald Fraser’s irresistible anti-hero, Siry Harry Flashman.”
Sacramento Bee

Listed, “Best Crime Fiction of 2010″
—Adam Woog, Seattle Times

Pirates never disappoints.”
San Jose Mercury News

“Irreverent, funny and action-packed.”
Malay News

“William Dietrich has once again penned a winner.”
—Ray Palen, Bookreporter.com

“The one-liners, the zaniness and the non-stop action make The Barbary Pirates an ultra-fun read.”
—Liviu Suciu, Fantasybookcritic.blogspot.com

“What a surprisingly fun book!”

“Made me want to read the whole series.”
Pew Reviews

“Dietrich’s work belongs on the shelf right next to Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt novels. Sit down, prop you feet up, and enjoy the read!”

“This book is a wonderful romp akin to the National Treasure movies and Clive Cussler’s novels. Translation: It’s great fun and you HAVE to read it.”

“This Book is packed full of great action, lots of humor, and an abundance of the usual mishaps and madcap adventures we can expect from Dietrich’s Ethan Gage novels.”
—Jeannie Mancini, Goodreads.com.

“The perfect book for beach reading.”

“Rollicking. Riotous. Uncontained. Peripatetic. Uproariously funny. Bawdy. Entertaining. With just a little tug at the heartstrings.”

“This series reminds me quite a lot of the Indiana Jones and Mummy film franchises.”
Green Man Review

“As he did in previous novels, Dietrich works real characters and historical events into the mix, expertly blending fact and fiction. Fans of the earlier Gage novels will definitely want to read this one, but the book should be heartily recommended to all action-adventure lovers.”

“Dietrich is an excellent writer…an action-filled romp that’s both historically accurate and great fun.”
Library Journal

“Gage’s narrow escapes, hardboiled banter, and unexpected surprises ensure Dietrich’s imaginative page-turner will enjoy a long and lively run.”
Publishers Weekly

hardcover / $25.99 / HarperCollins / ISBN-10: 0061567965
ISBN-13: 978-0061567964 / March 2010

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