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The Emerald Storm

by admin on March 26, 2012

The Emerald StormPublished May 8, 2012

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For an interview on The Emerald Storm, see: http://www.thebigthrill.org/2012/05/the-emerald-storm-by-william-deitrich/

Ethan Gage has a wife, Astiza, a young son, Harry, and dreams of retirement financed by an emerald stolen from the Pasha of Tripoli. But after meeting Napoleon in Paris, he finds himself pursued by renegade policeman Leon Martel and thrown into alliance with British agents. His mission: use a new-fangled flying machine to rescue Touissant L’Ouverture, the “Black Spartacus” of Haiti, from a French alpine prison.

Naturally things go from bad to worse, and Ethan ranges from frozen fortress walls to the sultry hell of Caribbean sugar isles. He and Astiza are caught up in the slave revolt in St. Domingue, today’s Haiti, where the black general Dessalines faces off against the corrupt French commander Rochambeau.

At stake are Aztec secrets of flight, a fabled treasure, and the chance to turn the tide of war between England and France. With new black allies, Ethan finds himself at pivotal point in the slave revolt.

The final showdown, however, takes place off Martinique where our hero finds himself in temporary alliance with the treacherous Martel, caught between British and French fire, and his family in peril as a hurricane grows.

Fast-paced and informative, the novel provides some background on colonial sugar plantation life, slavery, and the first successful slave revolt in history.


“A breathlessly exciting adventure, as fast paced as an Indiana Jones movie and just about as entertaining.” —Booklist starred review.

“Dietrich’s fifth entertaining Napoleon-era thriller starring Ethan Gage…(an) amusing swashbuckler.” —Publisher’s Weekly

“A tale filled with rascally derring-do.”

“This fifth entry in the entertaining exploits of the highly educated, morally ambiguous, and sometimes very deadly American frontiersman is a tale of high adventure, written with tongue firmly in check, and meant to be enjoyed and not critiqued.”
Robert Conroy, Library Journal.

Spies, secret agents, and double and triple-crossers…The author has a talent for the details – and the conversational references – that cloak the adventure in the appropriate time frame and locale.”
David Marshall James, Yahoo! Shine.

“A whirl of adventure, international diplomacy and vivid political commentary…a wonderful romp through a complicated period of history.”
Barbara Lloyd McMichael, Bellingham Herald.

“Dietrich seamlessly blends historical fact with fiction…Dietrich also has a knack for making the world of 1803 come alive.”
Jeff Ayers, Associated Press.

This series continues to amaze me and is written with such an even and light tone that it is instantly accessible to any who venture into these pages. The Emerald Storm is Ethan Gage and author William Dietrich at the top of their game in another page-turner sure to please all those who dare to read on.”
Ray Palen, Bookreporter.com.

“Read this great story and enjoy a wild ride.”
Sara Holahan, Skagit Valley Herald.

“This fast-paced novel engages the reader from one cliff-hanger to another. I definitely want to read the previous four books in the series…this novel is highly recommended for the adventurer in all of us.”
Jeff Westerhoff, Historical Novels Review.

hardcover / $25.99 / HarperCollins / 0061989207 / May 2012

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