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North CascadesThe North Cascades
Finding Beauty and Renewal in the Wild Nearby

by William Dietrich (contributor)

This coffee table photo and essay book, published in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act, both celebrates the “American Alps” in north-central Washington State, and urges new commitment to preserving and sustaining a 2.7 million acre ecosystem that includes some of the most dramatic terrain in the contiguous 48 states. | read more>

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Literary FeastLiterary Feast
The Famous Authors Cookbook
by William Dietrich (contributor)

Favorite recipes from scores of bestselling authors come to life in this exciting gastronomic collection. Compiled by Terry J. LaBrue, APR, with a foreword by noted author and chef Greg Atkinson, Literary Feast is a fascinating array of foods, drinks and desserts. Bestselling author profiles plus their personal stories add flavor to the collection.

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SkagitNatural Skagit
A Journey From Mountains To Sea
by William Dietrich (contributor)

The book has 200 photographic images of the stunning landscapes, people, and wildlife of Skagit County, Washington. Contributing writers include internationally renowned author Tom Robbins and Pulitzer-Prize winner Bill Dietrich.

Read about the book in an article written by Vince Richardson in the Skagit Valley Herald. (*pdf file)

Buy: www.skagitlandtrust.org (All proceeds from this book go directly to the Skagit Land Trust for land acquisition and protection.)

WhatcomWhatcom Places II
Foreword by William Dietrich

If you love beautiful scenery, fascinating stories, and Whatcom County, then “Whatcom Places II” is for you. Flip through page after page of professional, full-color photographs of Whatcom County mountains, streams, lakes, and wildlife. Read stories of Whatcom County history told through the eyes of citizens who love this land and wish to preserve its natural beauty. “Whatcom Places II” is available in either soft or hard cover. Either one makes a great gift for you or for a loved one. Available in stores throughout Whatcom County. For more information visit www.whatcomlandtrust.org.

At Home on Fidalgo
by William Dietrich (contributor)

The award-winning At Home on Fidalgo was written “by and for the residents of Fidalgo Island” in 1999. Edited by Evelyn Adams and designed by Constance Mears, the book contains stories, articles, interviews, poetry, photos and artwork by island residents chronicling the natural and human history and present-day wonder of living on Fidalgo Island. The Anacortes Community Forest Lands feature prominently in both the natural and human history of Fidalgo Island as presented in the book.

At Home on Fidalgo was produced and printed entirely with donated labor and funds. All proceeds went to the Conservation Easement Program.

Northwest LandsNorthwest Lands, Northwest Peoples Readings In Environmental History
Edited by Dale D. Goble and Paul W. Hirt
Epilogue by William Dietrich

It can be said that all of human history is environmental history, for all human action happens in an environment-in a place. This collection of essays explores the environmental history of the Pacific Northwest of North America, addressing questions of how humans have adapted to the northwestern landscape and modified it over time, and how the changing landscape in turn affected human society, economy, laws, and values.

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